Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Meet Your Team Nicaragua 2011 Delegates: Amanda Glynn

My name is Amanda Glynn and I am a senior at MSU. I am a Women and Gender Studies major as well as a GLBTQ and Political Science minor. Throughout my years at MSU I have been involved in many amazing and wonderful campus programs; I have worked at the Rec Center, joined a sorority and worked at my current place of employment at Health Promotion where I get to work on putting together amazing, interactive events on campus along with being a part of several student run feminist groups on campus. 

I have actually wanted to be apart of Team Nicaragua since my sophomore year when I first took a class with Jhon Velasco and heard about the amazing experience that it offered; but I don't think that a trip like this could have been as important to me without the following semesters of education, in which, I learned about the effects of globalization and the devastating effects that the international market and sometimes even international organizations can have on less developed countries. I have spent a lot of time learning about the way politics, society and economics have influence over the lives of people as well as the activism that civilians do in order to compete with policies that do not benefit them and I am most excited to learn about these things outside of an academic atmosphere because I do not think one can truly understand until they themselves see it first hand. Nicaragua will be an opportunity to bridge my wonderful globally influenced academic experience with real world application, and that's awesome in so many ways."

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