Tuesday, January 4, 2011

We Made It!

By: Clareese Saunders

After months and months of fundraising, teambuilding and learning the history of Nicaragua we are finally able to begin to see the fruits of our labor.

After a long day of connecting flights, coffee breaks and bathroom runs we landed in Managua.
Stepping off the plane and into the rich and beautiful culture of Nicaragua is something that is hard to explain but also something I will never forget.

There is something humbling and overwhelming about being in and around the people of Nicaragua. For a country where people have so little they are constantly smiling, inviting and proud of their country.  After meeting our delegate leaders Brooke and Christine we traveled to CEPAD which is the hostel where we are staying for the duration of the project. Being able to be in another country and walk into CEPAD and instantly feel at home was an unexpected surprise.  Today we visited the market place and also a local mall. The difference between the two was tremendous even though they were only about twenty minutes apart. The market was full of different vendors crammed together and many things could be found from rice and beans to cds. The people worked there for a living wtih most shop hourse operating from five a.m. to at seven pm. 

The mall to my amazement was better then some I have seen in America!  This was a great way for us to realize that  socioeconomic status is in effect in Nicaragua as well and although they are a developing country there are places that will feel familiar.  Although we have been here for less then twenty fours hours I can already see our minds opening and am eager to see what the rest of the delegation has in store.  One thing is for certain,  beauty can be found everywhere and even with dirt roads and poverty I see beauty and hope.


  1. Hey! Mark from Nica 2010 here. Glad you guys made it there safely. Have a great project. Enjoy and embrace every experience and emotion. If things get rough, remember that you have each other (plus a bunch of others waiting for you back home)! I wish you all the best on your journey in Nicaragua. May you all come out more educated and enlightened. May your hearts and minds forever be changed and opened. Good luck! I look forward to following the blogs throughout the next ten days. Be good to yourselves (stealing your line Jhon..sorry! haha)!
    Much Love,
    Mark - Perfect 10

  2. He guys! I'm really glad to hear that you made it ok and had a good first day! I'm so proud of you guys and can't wait to join you. See you tomorrow night.

    Lots of love, Maya

  3. Hi! Great to hear that you're all safe & sound. We too are looking forward to reading the blogs & watching your growth after these 9 long months of preparation. Know that you are in the hearts & minds of everyone back home & we are so proud of you. Our prayers will be surrounding you! Love & Peace, Albie's Mom & Dad:)

  4. Nicholas's Mom
    Hello, we are so glad that you're all safe. We are also lookin forward to following you on your journey of discovery and awareness in Nicargua. We are praying for the team and glad to know that you are preparing to make a difference in the world. Love you Nicholas's Mom,Dad and Brothers along with extended family.

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