Monday, January 3, 2011

Backpacking and School Supply Drive

By: Andrea M. DiMarco

The Team Nica learning delegation is a project in which we build our minds, our awareness and our social consciousness in regards to the multiple disparities between countries.  However, when Carlos Vidal came from Nicaragua to Montclair State University in April, he named Team Nica, Equipio Espenanza, which translates to Team Hope. With this name, we thought it would only be fitting if we brought a little hope to Nicaragua. We decided to hold a backpack and school supply drive for the children at Los Quinchos. We hung over 30 posters on campus, sent our 2 mass emails, and had various drop-off locations around campus. We got a positive reaction from both the MSU and surrounding communities. We received generous contributions from all who donated, which accounted fro over 200 pounds of backpacks and school supplies. Additionally, from the success and popularity of this drive, the MSU athletic department developed their own drive where they collected lightly used sneakers and sporting attire. All of these donations will give children more hope and opportunity.  We look forward to adding this project to our learning delegation in just a few days!

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